The team at 50ecom are currently making huge strides in the world of eCommerce solutions. They have experienced rapid growth since the early days to most recently being awarded a Business All-Star Accreditation from the All Ireland Business Foundation.

Their client portfolio spans many industry sectors including wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, hardware, DIY, Spare Parts Suppliers, Businesses with millions of SKU’s and retail with live implementations across the UK and Ireland.

S50cloud has a really unique selling point in terms of the Platform itself that’s really different from other solutions in terms of eCommerce.

They’ve developed a fully integrated suite of eCommerce and mobile ordering products that link automatically to Sage50.

An s50cloud user only has to update and maintain the data in one place (sage50). The integration pushes the information from Sage50 to their eCommerce site automatically using their Sage50 data, providing a web portal for their customers and an ordering platform accessible 24/7.

Sean Owens, 50eCom CEO said “We are delighted to have been recognised as one of the top eCommerce providers in Ireland for 2019. It really shows the progress we have made and is extremely well deserved for all of the hard work and dedication our team has shown since 2002.

Our success proves that many businesses in the digital age now want to have multiple sales channels. The purpose of the s50cloud platform is to make eCommerce effortless by utilizing your Sage50 data.

We are really excited by what the future holds, staying ahead of the technology curve and to welcoming many more customers on to the s50cloud platform in the coming years”.