See how much you can save in time and costs using 50ecom

Calculations are based on it taking 20 minutes to populate 1 product with all its data including descriptions, pricing, group pricing, discounts. We estimated it takes 10 minutes to create a category with an image and some well written content.

The yearly salary is of the person who you will employ to insert the content. This will alter from country to country but typically this would be starting at about £22k in the UK and could be as high as £45k.

Ongoing costs are based on having to do price, stock levels, discounts, customer pricing and order re-entry onto sage50 per month.

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Time Saved on Build


Cost Saving on Build

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Time Saved Updating per Year


Cost Saving on Updates per Year

You can now see the saving in time and money. 50ecom automates all of this so what is stopping you taking a demo? It is risk free and requires no payment or credit card.