Step 1

Pre-requisites of sage data.

  • Sage data has to be complete and clean, no point in starting this of your Sage50 is inaccurate or dirty.
  • All products in Sage should have a SKU and a Price
  • For B2B all products should have a supplier or manufacturer SKU
  • All customer accounts require a unique email address ( this will be used for the web logins )
  • If you are using Sage50 web fields these all need to be filled accurately
  • If not using Sage50 web fields data will come from Sage50 product information


Step 2

Run the Web installer and then install the s50cloud-connector on your sage50 server.

This will take the data from Sage50 and populate it to your new website.


Step 3

Configure you payment details and now you can start taking online orders from your existing and new customers.


Further data entry you will need to do online.

  • Assign multiple images to each product
  • If you have chosen not to use Sage50 prodcut categories you will need to assign all products to categories online. This is a once off task.
  • Sage50 holds descriptions in a un-formatted way. ( no bullet points or paragraphs, just a long stream of text ). If you want formatting like this then you will to enter this in your product admin.
  • For extra logins, associate the correct sage50 account number to the new logins as as their sales get posted to the correct ledger account in sage50. This is used for centralised billing