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Generous Commission

Our Affiliate Scheme pays 5% commission for the lifespan of the subscription.

We know you are always looking for new sources of income so as to make your customers more sticky and if it is passive and requires no effort from you its even better !

Ideally suited to organisations already selling and supporting sage50 and sage50c.

We like to reward referrers generously as we trust personal referrals more than any other source of marketing.

Some obvious conditions apply :

  • you cannot be an affiliate to your own subscription.
  • your referral fees are paid in £100 lots to your nominated paypal account 60 days after the customers subscription fees have been received.
  • you cannot be working for a competing organization and using this to leech customers.
  • you cannot resell and or bill this service to your clients and take referral fees too.
  • you play fair and we will reward generously.

Affiliate Scheme FAQ’s

Q : How and when are the commissions paid?

A : Every 1 month based on the amount paid. If the subscription is per year the and the payment is based on 1 year. If the subscription is every month the commission is paid every month.  Commissions are paid 60 days after the subscribers funds have cleared to allow for charge backs and refunds.

Q : Can I include my signup in the commission fees ?

A : No

Q : How are the fees paid?

A : Via a nominated Paypal Account only

Q : What currency are the fees paid in?

A : Sterling although in Paypal you can nominate what currency to convert to.

Q : Who looks after my Tax exposure?

A : You are responsible for your own taxes. If we are audited for taxes your details will be seen by the tax inspector, so we would advise you declare your commissions from us.

Q : Can I have my commissions paid to a nominated company?

A : Yes you can, if you nominate a company as the affiliate details need to reflect this. Retrospective changes to fees already paid are not possible.

Q : Is there any time when my affiliate fees will be withheld?

A : Yes if you are deemed to be gaming the affiliate system which may include but not exclusively:

  • Link back schemes in blog farms
  • Spammy linking
  • Hurtful SEO practices
  • Being an affiliate and a customer so as to game the discounts
  • Making false promises about the product to clients
  • Holding nominated accounts, signing up clients and paying their fees and then charging extra fees on
  • Being associated or linked to a competing product or service
  • Luring customers to a competitor product
  • Spreading mis-information, lies and or fake news or reviews about s50cloud its services and or its staff and representatives
  • Acting in a way that damages s50cloud its services, products and personnel
  • Posing as an official agent of s50cloud instead of an affiliate

Q : Is there a max payout of affiliate fees?

A : No the sky is the limit.

Q : When do the fees stop?

A : The month the subscriber cancels their subscription or when you cancel your affiliate account.

Q : If a customer is a paying subscriber for 10+ years I will get fees for 10+ years?

A : Yes

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